Mentoring. Why?

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Over the last months a new kind of service has been evolving in my business: Mentoring. Shortly before Christmas I started to deliberately grow it. I’ve got great feedback from early clients. I’ve shared ideas earlier and talked to colleagues at ACCN. In this post I want to explain why I like it and want to grow it further. I’m interested in your feedback!

Influencing At My Best

My most effective moments have been conversations where I could provide opportunity for

  • a major insight,
  • a break-through learning,
  • a shift in behaviour or consciousness

to happen. Most of these conversations happened to be one-on-one. The pattern they all had in common has been that

  • the person I talked to was aware of an issue or challenge, AND
  • they wanted something to change.

Within the context of me working for an organisation, paying a visit for a length of some days, these conversations have been mostly serendipitous.

I want to make them happen more frequently, and deliberately.

(Remote) Mentoring

I want my clients to be able to book these conversations deliberately, on demand. Whenever you have an issue and want change, call me.

Three Elements of Change

Three Elements of Change

I will help raise your awareness, and identify options, so that you can make good choices. I call this Mentoring.

Mentoring: What’s In It For Me?

Remote Mentoring is convenient and beneficial for me:

  • It’s easy to set up, there is little overhead.
  • I don’t need to look for problems, I can focus on solutions.
  • It’s rewarding, as I can affect more change.
  • I don’t need to travel and can spend more time at home.
  • My schedule is far more flexible.

Mentoring: What’s In It For You, the Mentee?

Remote Mentoring is convenient and beneficial for you:

  • I’ll be where ever you are (as long as you have decent internet).
  • You schedule sessions as you need them.
  • You pick what you need: advice, coaching, teaching, feedback, a compassionate and critical mirror…
  • Clear commitment for a number of sessions that you choose.

Mentoring: What’s In It For Your Organisation?

Remote Mentoring is a convenient and beneficial alternative to a coach/consultant like me coming on site, to your office:

  • No travel costs.
  • Invitation for your staff. No one is forced to change, so there’s little resistance.
  • You only pay those hours where people wanting to change want to have a conversation to achieve the change.
  • You get an external perspective on your organisation at a very low price.
  • You can test if you and your people want to work with me with a very low initial investment.
  • You can check if your staff wants a change you want before investing much money. If no one wants to talk to the Agile Coach…

How is Mentoring Different From Coaching?

Coaching is an integral part of mentoring. In addition, you’re invited to ask for advice, my opinion, my experience…

In other words: I will help you grow your potential, and use mine as well if you want me to.

Feedback, Ideas

What are your experiences with mentoring? Which chances and risks do you see? Do you want to give it a try?.

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