OOP Descale Your Organisation!

Slides of my talk: Descale your organisation oop from Olaf Lewitz Interview on infoQ.

VAST – Virtuous Cycle for Connection

It’s all about how we show up. If we show up in a way that invites people to connect, to trust, to feel safer than usual, they probably will. And astonishing results will follow. Michael and I have a vast experience of limiting our results because we didn’t dare to show up, speak up, stand […]

Organisational Debt Cycle

Many consider the modern workplace inhumane and uninhabitable. People are not fully engaged. It is killing our bottom lines. It is putting our organisations at risk. With our prevailing management system we have created a vast organisational debt that inhibits growth and performance. We define organisational debt as the baggage that prevents people from delivering astonishing results. The diagram […]

Safety, Trust, and Oppression

(draft. more edits will follow.) Human beings have an innate need for safety. Our safety depends and relies on trust. Happiness is based on how safe we are, and how much we feel we are able to make free choices. Agreeing on a level of safety with others so that we all feel safe requires a […]

Liquid Scrum

  We have translated Tobias Mayer’s The People’s Scrum into German. Tobias asked us to create a spirited rather than literal translation, adding some of our own material to the book. We’re nearly done with the translation. There is one essay I added, which I’m so excited about that I translated it into English for […]