How to use 1-10 Scales to Raise Awareness

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if you want to learn more stuff like this… TrustTemenos Leadership Academy: starting October 29 in Munich! The Exercise Ask people at the beginning of a meeting (surprise them if possible), to rate their current level of trust on a scale of 1-10. Ask them to not think and follow their gut, to write the […]

Make Sense of Trust

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Trust is a subjective quality of a situation. It is closely related to our feeling of safety in that moment. And it’s influenced by many other factors, some of which are inside, some outside of us. Some we can control, some we can’t. Some are measurable, some less so… How can we make sense of […]

VAST – Virtuous Cycle for Connection

It’s all about how we show up. If we show up in a way that invites people to connect, to trust, to feel safer than usual, they probably will. And astonishing results will follow. Michael and I have a vast experience of limiting our results because we didn’t dare to show up, speak up, stand […]

Management AND Leadership

Management AND Leadership

Definition based on Risks Fresh from @PapaChrisMatts brain:Management: responsible for today's risks Leadership: discover tomorrow's risksBoth not positions. Ty:-) — Olaf Lewitz (@OlafLewitz) September 29, 2014 Definition based on Comfort Zone and Options Management and Leadership are both activities, don’t need to be positions. Everyone manages, and everyone may feel invited to lead. Management of Our Comfort […]

Organisational Debt Cycle

Many consider the modern workplace inhumane and uninhabitable. People are not fully engaged. It is killing our bottom lines. It is putting our organisations at risk. With our prevailing management system we have created a vast organisational debt that inhibits growth and performance. We define organisational debt as the baggage that prevents people from delivering astonishing results. The diagram […]

Mentoring. Why?

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Mentoring. Why?

Over the last months a new kind of service has been evolving in my business: Mentoring. Shortly before Christmas I started to deliberately grow it. I’ve got great feedback from early clients. I’ve shared ideas earlier and talked to colleagues at ACCN. In this post I want to explain why I like it and want to grow it […]

Value is in the Connections

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Value is in the Connections

I’ve been thinking about value creation in human systems, as the world is becoming more and more complex. I believe that in today’s economy, it’s increasingly rare and unlikely that value is created in a single mind. The value is created in the connections. So, how do we connect? How can we become more intentional about value […]