Musing on and about Coherence

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Musing on and about Coherence

Over the last year, I’ve been more and more inspired and intrigued by the concept of coherence. It’s come up from a number of angles, in different contexts of conversation. I think it was Dave Snowden who made me want to investigate it more deeply when he said that SAFe was incoherent, which sounded so much […]

Headology Demystified

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What Agile Coaches Can Learn From Discworld Witches Last week at Agile2013, I did a lightning talk in the people track. I talked about my learnings and insights from reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, specifically those about Tiffany, a young girl learning to become a witch. Apart from these books being some of the best […]

Influencial Book List

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Influencial Book List

There’s an abundance of lists with Agile books out there, the Essential Agile Reading List by Pat Kua, InfoQ Recommended Agile Books, there’s even an AgileBooks blog. I even created a book and link list myself a while ago, but didn’t update it for quite a while… Two good ones have recently been published or updated: Jurgen Appelo sorts […]

Why I Love the Linchpin Book

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My friend Jurgen Appelo recently wrote a review of Linchpin—Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin. He says it’s simplistic, “purple crap”, and calls Seth a Single Strategy God. When I started reading that post, I was first a bit put off by the language… But as I’m quite used to Jurgen being blunt (which he attributes to […]

How to be an Explorer of the World

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Recently got a book in my hands which contains simple, yet amazing tips on how to treat the world like an artist and reflect on what you experience in your world: Write down ten things about the place you’re sitting which you did not recognise when you sat down. Use your senses. Do it quickly. […]

Dan Pink on Motivation

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Watch this awesome TED talk by Daniel Pink on Motivation: I’ve read his books, A Whole New Mind and Drive, last year, and they changed the way I think about management. Reviews will follow….

2011 is the Year of the Linchpin

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This is not a book review. This is a statement. A confession. A call-to-arms. I am a Linchpin. It took years to become one, but only minutes to learn what we’re called. My friend Mike Sutton told me last summer I should read the book, but some things need their right moment in time… I started […]

Martie, the management model, built with LEGO

Three weeks ago, Jurgen Appelo asked for volunteers on Twitter . He wanted to pose a challenge to the readers of his new book “Management 3.0”: To win a signed copy of the book, you needed to post something on agile management and mention Martie, the management model:

What’s not optional, Part I+II

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Review of Succeeding with Agile by Mike Cohn

How to Nurture Team Growth

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Review of Agile Coaching