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I’m working on a new mentoring offer that I am really excited about.  I’ve got great feedback from the first clients, it’s rewarding and intensifies connection… It is about helping you succeed in your world.

I’m really happy about this post by Wolf Schlegel: The Trust Doctor Will See You Now. I’ve spent a day mentoring Wolf in September and he wrote about his experience. Thank you!

Would I do it again? By spending a day with Olaf I have gained valuable insights from an independent and trusted third party. The day both confirmed things I knew about and provided viewpoints and opinions I had been unaware of, so the answer is “yes”.

My daughter drew this awesome picture – the visualisation is in progress as the service offering itself.

Mentoring Mirror

Mentoring Mirror

Confidence Mentoring

My mentoring has three pillars:

  • Help you discover what you want, what only you can do. Sharpen your profile. Help you stand out. Boost your confidence.
  • Work on any challenges you face and choose to work on with me (aka coaching).
  • Help you grow and develop specific skills you want (and I can help you get better at…).

I’m looking for clients, and feedback. How do you like the picture? How can I improve the description to make it more interesting?

I’m thinking about dedicated offerings for specific target groups like executives, Scrum masters and agile caoches… I’ll keep you posted and am happy to hear your suggestions!.


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  2. Sarah
    September 8, 2015

    I really like this idea and I love your first draft. If you change the language to more of a mentoring/coaching language that might be better for people who aren’t familiar with your style or are executives and used to that language. But then you lose some of your branding, so maybe that’s not the best. I’m just thinking of search engines and such.

    But knowing you and your brand, it’s beautifully done. 🙂


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