The Most Targeted Visual Marketing Process Ever

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I’m just back home from Orlando, Florida, after an intensive and inspiring week at the Agile2014 conference. Among many kind encounters during the conference experience one stood out as especially generous and amazing: The personalised Tweet T-Shirts printed by TargetProcess. Targeted Visual Marketing at its best. Lovely. Targeted Visual Marketing This is what Michael […]

May 8: Pride, Fear and Trust

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I read a lot of Terry Pratchett. I learned a lot about people, and coaching, from Discworld’s Witches. (I submitted a lightning talk on that to Agile2013, you may vote for it here) Recently I stumbled upon this: The Weapons of a Witch [amazon asin=”0552555592″ template=”simpleimage”] And what are my weapons? she thought. And the answer […]

20 or 12 Discoveries

2012 was a year of awesome growth and learning for me, some deliberate, some serendipitous. It turned out to be, again, the most intensive and insightful year of my life. I guess that’s a side effect of personal growth and living intensively: more vulnerability, increased presence, more community, more awareness, more (apparent) real options. To […]

People Like Us

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Some people—few people—have a sensibility of others that is more than gradually higher than the average. We sense other people’s feelings and group relations faster than others, often before those people sense and realise for themselves. And our sense is not only faster, it’s deeper, more accurate as well.

Magnificence Mantra

We are good, Destined to be great. Being great Working together We create a context For magnificence. Sometimes, we hesitate. We surrender to the past. We want certainty Like to feel safe While certainty inhibits growth Safety inhibits magnificence By limiting our options, Our awareness Our ability to see and absorb Greatness. We need to […]

Make Good Art

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Make Good Art

This week, I found a post with an amazing commencement speech my favourite writer Neil Gaiman gave last week to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. It contains some gems that I wanted to keep… As they contain advice that’s as valuable to me, as someone who works for and with a purpose, and you, […]