Go Make That Stuff.

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From Austin Kleon‘s great book Steal Like An Artist: Draw the art you want to see, start the business you want to run, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use —do the work you want to see done. [amazon asin=”B0074QGGK6″ template=”simpleimage”] […]

What does an Architect do?

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I’ve been working with numerous software organisations for years, occasionally where the software is intended to be embedded in hardware… I regularly meet people with the role “Architect”. But I don’t really have a clue what real architects do—they design buildings, basically… I’ve seen a lot of bad effects caused by inadequate metaphors in software […]

The Steadfast Tin Soldier as Creative Performance

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Last Saturday, immediately after coming back from Trondheim where I attended the XP2010 international conference on Agile Software Development, I went with my family to Potsdam in the afternoon for the Fairy Tale Days. We had a little issue with a broken tyre, and missed most of the day because of that. I didn’t really […]

XP2010 Lonely Back Impressions

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I shot quite a few photos at XP2010, some of which were really nice. On the walk back through Trondheim from Studentersamfundet after the Banquet, I made a photo of Mike’s back which I quite liked. After another photo of Deborah impatiently waiting for her lightning talk, I decided to make this into a Lonely Back […]

I met a Guy from Scotland

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Or: How Twitter changed the way I interact and share with people Sidebar: This is a story written for friends that I can’t connect to on Twitter,  which seriously handicaps the way I usually communicate. I dedicate it to Guy, who may or may not decide to reveal his true identity. I met Guy from […]

What I’m reading…

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The pile of books waiting to be read and the pile waiting to be finished are both growing. This is a try to keep track and will be a work in progress. I’ll never manage to complete this list, but it’ll be comprehensive and might be of interest to you.

Mein erster Blog-Eintrag!

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Ich hab schon seit einer Weile überlegt, mit dem Bloggen anzufangen, und beruflich auch schon einige Blog-Beiträge für das microTOOL blog verfasst. Hier werde ich über Dinge schreiben, die mich bewegen und interessieren, und wie Ihr sehen werdet, sind das eine Menge… Aber ich weiß noch nicht, wie häufig ich es schaffe, tatsächlich auch zu […]