Re-Connect. and Stay in Touch

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I’ve created a stay-in-touch list. You’re welcome to join! I intend to post once a week – here or on and I’ll be using Pulse and Medium to expand my reach. It may have been a while, since you heard from me, met me, worked with me, created something with me… One of the many […]

Storytelling is not Coaching

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There are lots of kinds of conversations. Some are entertaining, some boring. Some are valuable, some make a difference. Some touch us deeply in our hearts, some fundamentally shift our perspective. Some fulfil our craving to be seen and heard, some sooth us, some meet our need for community and connection. Coaching is a life-changing […]

Sponsoring ALE2016

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This year, I’m sponsoring a conference for the first time. Here I’m sharing why to inspire others to follow my lead. Sponsoring ALE16 Giving Back In the five years since its inception, the Agile Lean Europe community, ALE for short, has been generous to me. It has provided me with learning and leadership opportunities, great […]

Creating a Space of Trust

Creating a Space of Trust

Workshop description of my APIL16 session titled Creating a Space of Trust. Made up in the spur of the moment, captured for fair use. Announced like this: Trust is a subjective quality of a situation. It’s messy, situational and contextual. How can we make sense of it? How can we improve it? And: what impact would […]