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I’ve created a stay-in-touch list. You’re welcome to join! I intend to post once a week – here or on and I’ll be using Pulse and Medium to expand my reach.

It may have been a while, since you heard from me, met me, worked with me, created something with me… One of the many things I learned: it’s hard to stay in touch. And I have created and learned a lot of things that I want to share — like magical comfort zones you may use for substantial and profound learning … new offerings for leadership and coaching, new experiences in organisational transformation …

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Rebooting my Network — Rekindling our Connection

I’ve spent eight years networking intensively, I’ve connected with so many people, that I sometimes feel overwhelmed. Then there are times when I feel disconnected, doubt myself, and wonder how I’m failing — me, and our relationship, so maybe you as well.

This is another Trust Experiment. I’m less shy now than in 2013, when I started out as a Trust Artist, asking for your love and support. I’m more confident, and a lot clearer in how to phrase my message than I was then. And I want you to hear it. I want your feedback. I want to hear you, too. I want to stay in touch.

This video shows what I’m up to at the moment:

 Scott Downs interviewing me on our Hopes and Dreams for our Leadership work

In October, we will host the first TrustTemenos Gathering in Rückersbach — home to Agile Coach Camp and Play4Agile. We want to create a joint movement of the various change communities we know, invite you into the magical space we learned to create with TrustTemenos. In that space, we want to co-create something that shifts our world.

Join us!

What have I been up to? And what happens next?

I’ve written this in London last week, where I was opening the Agile in the City conference with a keynote on Surprisability. I’m currently engaged in two huge transformations of global corporations, learning how to focus attention when thousands of people want help and how to create accountability on outcomes to inspire a cross-silo movement.

Christine Neidhardt and myself have been growing our TrustTemenos Leadership Academy for the past couple of years. There are a few things we’re brewing up and bringing to the boil … My work is merging and integrating with our academy, and you’ll see that reflected more and more in my and our communication.

When I gave our book to my brother last year, he started reading and asked me after the first few pages, “you want to change the world, right?” And after a startled pause, I replied, “Yes, we do.” This is all this is about. Increase the level and availability of freedom in our world, take more responsibility for the systems we’re part of and transform them towards being welcoming, loving, and encouraging. We counter the increasing separation and segregation with integration and leadership.

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Grow your Leadership

Unsurprisingly, TrustTemenos Leadership Academy hosts offerings for our kind of leadership in the world: humble, aware, compassionate, appreciative, confident, inviting.

  • Our book is ready for you to work with it: Showing Up
  • Our CAL1 trainings give you a two day kick-start (or just a kick) of your leadership journey. And a two day deep dive into our ways of deliberately growing relationships within inviting contexts …
  • Our TrustTemenos Leadership Academy offers you deep and caring connections in a small cohort, a 10 months journey of strong intentions, overcoming patterns, a lot of our time and attention … to become the leader you feel called to be: for your life, your team, your project, your organisation. The next generation starts work in October!

Up your Coaching Game

One of our own frequent stances of leadership is Coaching.

  • Be coached. I’ll happily guide you out of your comfort zone with exquisite attention. The first session is free.
  • We offer mentoring groups. Expert-guided peer groups (6–8 coaches) where we take off our superhero capes and enjoy a glen of kindness, integrated with challenges for your impostor syndrome, your systemic understanding of yourself and your clients, and a fair share of “agile field wisdom”.
  • Our newest gem: the TrustTemenos COWW: school of COaching Witchcraft and Wizardry. A 10 months program aimed for doubling your magic, confidence, effectiveness, and day rate. This is going to be our most courageous offering yet. We are starting to take in applications.

Enjoy our Appreciative Containers of Transformation

The leadership offerings, our coaching programs and everything else we do are but examples of our unique and unfair advantage:

A Magical Comfort Zone

We create and weave and seed and grow containers of deep trust, loving appreciation, kind and blunt feedback, high accountability and no tolerance for bullshit. When you follow our invitation into this space, you may

  • Not need your own comfort zone because our magical one is just as safe, and offers intense learning and fun,
  • Face your patterns, shadows, embarrassments and fears to name, tame, appreciate and love them till they fall apart and you can grow,
  • Connect with yourself and others in ways that open up new possibilities: tension, conflict, aggression, forgiveness, surprises, innovation…
  • Make sense of and learn how we do that so you can take that magical ability into your life and your work.

This will happen — in various grades of intensity, depth, and breadth — whenever you connect with us. You may want to arrange for options for this to happen in your team, your organisation, your leadership team. Let us know. You are welcome.

Join my Stay-In-Touch-List:

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