Berlinale Generation: Une Vie de Chat

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“Remember the serial jewellery burglaries? I just got the lab reports back… cat paw prints were found everey time.” “Cat paws?” “It’s your case, okay?” “Am I supposed to arrest a cat?” This movie is about a cat—not that much of a surprise considering the title “A Cat’s life” (again, title translations are funny here: […]

Berlinale opened: Jørgen + Anne = sant

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“Hi, my name is Ane. I’m 9½ years old, 145 centimeters tall, and I weigh 32 kilos. I love fish fingers and climbing trees. I basically like a lot of things. It’s pretty easy to be me!” Yesterday, the 34th Generation (children’s section) of the 61st Berlinale (the annual Berlin International Film Festival)  was opened […]