About Tenderness

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By another German poet/singer/songwriter I very much adore, Konstantin Wecker. Original title “Über die Zärtlichkeit”. Translated by me. Something tender I would so much love to write. Barely palpable something that can only just be perceived. Like the look of a loved one you feel on the skin. Thankfullness even when it is only thought […]

Daily Routine in Paradise

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Another poem by the cynical Heinz Rudolf Kunze, from the same book as From That Day. I am a Roman Catholic, but I like how he respectfully makes fun of the idea of an Old Man in Paradise. Heinz Rudolf Kunze, “Alltag im Paradies”. Translation by me. Enjoy. The dear God makes notes to himself […]

From That Day

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A poem, that meant a lot to me when I was a youth. Just found that old book again. Author is Heinz Rudolf Kunze, a German singer/songwriter. I do like his music, but I value his poems much more. You may judge yourself why. I might publish more of them. The book is called Deutsche […]

The Steadfast Tin Soldier as Creative Performance

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Last Saturday, immediately after coming back from Trondheim where I attended the XP2010 international conference on Agile Software Development, I went with my family to Potsdam in the afternoon for the Fairy Tale Days. We had a little issue with a broken tyre, and missed most of the day because of that. I didn’t really […]

XP2010 Lonely Back Impressions

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I shot quite a few photos at XP2010, some of which were really nice. On the walk back through Trondheim from Studentersamfundet after the Banquet, I made a photo of Mike’s back which I quite liked. After another photo of Deborah impatiently waiting for her lightning talk, I decided to make this into a Lonely Back […]

I met a Guy from Scotland

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Or: How Twitter changed the way I interact and share with people Sidebar: This is a story written for friends that I can’t connect to on Twitter,  which seriously handicaps the way I usually communicate. I dedicate it to Guy, who may or may not decide to reveal his true identity. I met Guy from […]

Seven Characteristics of Jazz Improvisation

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At the XP2010 conference banquet Bjørn Alterhaug and John Pål Inderberg gave an awesome Jazz performance and funny insights on Jazz. What impressed me most where the seven characteristices of Jazz Improvisation: Provocative Competence Interrupting Habit Patterns Embracing Errors as a Source of Learning Minimum Structures that allow Maximum Flexibility Distributed Task: Continual Negotiation toward […]