Nov 21 — Keep Trying

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Nov 21 — Keep Trying

This blog has been abandoned for a while… And this beautiful picture inspired me to start writing again. There’s been so much going on… I’m checking in. Pride Temenos Our new German Temenos website is growing. Funny detail: the image at the top fits Temenos so well that we got good feedback on it from […]

July 28

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Checkin Mad (2) Sad (3) Glad (9) Afraid (4). Key points … Mad at not having done some things I intended to do. Website building especially is behind intended schedule … Sad that some things I did didn’t fulfill my need for well-being of all involved. Sad about some losses in the far past I’ve […]

May 8: Pride, Fear and Trust

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I read a lot of Terry Pratchett. I learned a lot about people, and coaching, from Discworld’s Witches. (I submitted a lightning talk on that to Agile2013, you may vote for it here) Recently I stumbled upon this: The Weapons of a Witch [amazon asin=”0552555592″ template=”simpleimage”] And what are my weapons? she thought. And the answer […]

April 23

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Gratitude I feel glad for my family who supports me and loves me. I feel glad and supported by Mike who helps me by challenging me. I feel glad for the serendipitous options I’m discovering every day. I feel afraid about the challenges that lie ahead and whether I will get through them. I feel […]

April 22: Live Learn Love

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Live I want to check in: I feel glad for all the conversations I have about options and challenges… I feel glad for my friends and family who support me and believe in me. I feel glad that two options to host a Temenos lab are becoming more specific (Nuremberg, July and Nashville, August, details […]

April 18

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Looking at the date, I notice it’s my grandpa’s birthday today. He’d be 102 today. “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” Max Ehrmann, Desiderata My dear friend and challenger Mike Sutton started a diary too. Awesome how easily connections can be amplified. Check-In […]

April 05

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April 05

I started a diary this week. The intention of this is to have a place to collect smaller, less elaborate thoughts, ideas, things I stumble upon… I want to do this roughly once per day, which is not a commitment:-) Criteria I basically look at the past day (or two, or more) and ask myself, […]

April 03

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I’m starting a diary today. I want to keep track of these interesting times, of options emerging, connections being made and developed, of lessons learned. Art is Expressing What We Feel In a John Lennon exhibition this week I read a quote about art that I really like: