Meet Olaf in London

Over the next five months, I’ll be in London quite regularly. I was invited to give two trainings and speak at two conferences! That provides opportunities to meet, to work … If you’re in London or the UK and want to meet, these are your options: April 27/28: Clean Language for Agile Coaches with Judy […]

What I Want

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What I Want

I want to increase freedom of Choice in the world People need safe spaces to learn who they are and what they want so that they can make good choices I want to share how to create and hold those spaces how to help people discover a clarity of identity and choice I want to […]

How TrustTemenos Leadership Academy has Changed Me

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How TrustTemenos Leadership Academy has Changed Me

I am currently in the midst of the second generation of TrustTemenos Leadership Academy. I wrote this text toward the end of the first generation, last spring. It has been published in our book, Showing Up. I am learning so much about myself… And I can highly recommend learning about yourself, too 🙂 If you want to experience our […]

The TrustTemenos Leadership Academy

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The TrustTemenos Leadership Academy

Become the leader you feel called to be! In about five weeks, the second TrustTemenos Leadership Academy is about to start. We are excited! “We uncover the strength of people to unleash their freedom of choice. We believe that increases well-being and the effectiveness of organisations. It makes work more fun.” – from our book, Showing Up […]

Showing Up – Our New Book

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Showing Up – Our New Book

Christine Neidhardt and I published the source book of our TrustTemenos Leadership Academy: Showing Up. Our next Academy starts in October 2016. Leadership is Showing Up I define leadership as the extent to which we have  clarity of identity – we know who we are, clarity of reality – we know where we are, what’s going […]

Reduce Politics—Improve Culture!

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Last week, I gave a talk at ACE! conference in Krakow. Resonance was great! @OlafLewitz Your presentation touch my heart because in my past I had to hide my feelings in my workplace. I hate politics don't add value ! — João Cerdeira (@jacerdeira) June 23, 2014 This is the video: And the slides: ACE! […]

275 Participants in Temenos at JAX

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One week ago, in Mainz, Christine and I hosted our largest Temenos so far… This is what happened. Translation of this German post. 13:20. A large ballroom with 80 tables, five chairs each. Some already take a seat. 20 hosts are excited. 13:25. The hosts begin to guide people to free tables. The room is filling up. We […]

ALE Hangout About Temenos

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Tonight, we had an awesome one hour hangout on Temenos. Enjoy!

Heart of Transformation

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I recently gave a talk on The Heart Of Transformation at Agile Bodensee. It was well received, and the slides were featured on Slideshare… Enjoy! The video is on youtube:

Temenos—the Healing Container at Agile2013

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Michael Sahota and I were interviewed at Agile2013 by Dave Prior about Temenos. Enjoy!