Katrin @Cuxdu Elster, Awesome Facilitator

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Some of you might have noticed the “Awesome Coach of the Week” series on the agile42 blog. It’s my way of giving back to the community what I’ve so selfishly taken from it during the last two years—positive energy. Yet, it is focused on Agile Coaches, and some of the awesome people I know have […]

Awesome Coaches of the Week

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Starting with Richard Lawrence in April, I’ve since then written one blog post per week about peers and friends that I value greatly as being awesome coaches. The name of the series is Awesome Coaches of the Week and it’s on the blog of the awesome company I work for: agile42. The first person who spots […]

How Might We? Creative Problem Solving

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Charles Warren from Google talks about the “How Might We?” approach that can lead you through any design challenge:   Ask “How Might We?” on the goal at hand. Open up broader possibilities by asking “Why (should we)?” and gather some answers. Pick one and now ask “What stops us?” to focus. That might lead to some interesting […]