The Most Important Things in Life

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The Most Important Things in Life

I work with organisations who go beyond the boundaries of what’s considered possible in companies to help them become even better. Let me know if you work in such a place. Two years ago, I started working with one of the most awesome and unique companies I know: Krankikom in Duisburg, Germany. Krankikom creates “creative digital […]

The Most Targeted Visual Marketing Process Ever

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I’m just back home from Orlando, Florida, after an intensive and inspiring week at the Agile2014 conference. Among many kind encounters during the conference experience one stood out as especially generous and amazing: The personalised Tweet T-Shirts printed by TargetProcess. Targeted Visual Marketing at its best. Lovely. Targeted Visual Marketing This is what Michael […]

20 or 12 Discoveries

2012 was a year of awesome growth and learning for me, some deliberate, some serendipitous. It turned out to be, again, the most intensive and insightful year of my life. I guess that’s a side effect of personal growth and living intensively: more vulnerability, increased presence, more community, more awareness, more (apparent) real options. To […]

Executive Amazement

Executive Amazement

I’ve recently had the pleasure to work with a client where the CEO astonished me multiple times with really awesome ideas. As there’s so much management bashing going on the community, I want to share what I saw, as an inspiration… Crowd-Sourcing Strategy I worked with the management board on an Agile Strategy Map. We […]

Thank You, 2011!

Thank You, 2011!

2011 has been an awesome and truly transformative year for me, maybe the most important in my life so far. The primary reason was that a number of new real options emerged that gave me opportunities to create value for myself and others in ways that I wouldn’t have expected one year ago. I’m very […]

Thank You, agile42!

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Thank You, agile42!

10 months since I joined, and now the end of the year… Time for reflection, and a big Thank You. I’ve become part of a great team of coaches. There’s a saying about Jazz: “Always be the worst guy in every band you’re in.” My amazing friend Mike Sutton gave me the advice to apply […]

RIP Steve

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We will miss your inspired and inspiring mind. You’ve been the narrator of an awesome story. My favourite of your many quotes: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of […]

The FirstFollower is what Transforms a Lone Nut into a Leader

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Yves Hanoulle pointed me in his blog to a concept that I think he has heard about from Chris Matts. I love inspirations from awesome coaches🙂 First Follower To create a movement, someone has to start and become the leader. But as long as this someone stays alone, s/he is not yet a leader, s/he’s […]

Katrin @Cuxdu Elster, Awesome Facilitator

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Some of you might have noticed the “Awesome Coach of the Week” series on the agile42 blog. It’s my way of giving back to the community what I’ve so selfishly taken from it during the last two years—positive energy. Yet, it is focused on Agile Coaches, and some of the awesome people I know have […]

Awesome Coaches of the Week

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Starting with Richard Lawrence in April, I’ve since then written one blog post per week about peers and friends that I value greatly as being awesome coaches. The name of the series is Awesome Coaches of the Week and it’s on the blog of the awesome company I work for: agile42. The first person who spots […]