How To Organise a Conference

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As you might have noticed if you follow this blog or read my tweets… Things that happened in Madrid and during the last weeks on LinkedIn have led to the situation that we’re now organising a conference in Berlin. ALE2011 The ALE2011 will take place on Sept 7-9 in Berlin. It’ll be a non-profit, community-driven […]

ALE network—What’s in it for Me?

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In the past few months, a new network has emerged. But has it? Is this actually a new network? How I got into ALE As I told you on this blog a few weeks ago, I “joined” the ALE network after the Play4Agile conference in February, where I met Jurgen Appelo, talked to him about his […]

German Vision for the ALE Network

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During the past weeks, multiple events took place in Germany and elsewhere in Europe to create a vision for the growing ALE network. This is my summary of the German vision we used to seed our input into the envisioning session in Madrid:   German Vision for the ALE Network on Prezi A new network […]

ALE2011 Unconference in Berlin – Status Updates

When And Where? Robert Buchholz made the very intelligent suggestion to add the date of the event to this post. The conference will happen on September 7-9, 2011 in Berlin. Venue is being selected… And now we also have a website. Updates I’ll stop updating this page with sofa fellow changes and commitments now, as […]

ALE Network World Café Rough-Up

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Important: Jurgen copied these results on single pages on the ALEnetwork website. Any not yet corrected details please comment on that side… Thanks, Jurgen! On May 10, 2011 at XP2011 in Madrid, we created a vision for the ALE Network. On May 11, we used this vision to seed a world café session to define […]

I’m organising a Conference!

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My major learning from my open space session about the organisation of the ALE2011 conference at the XP2011 is: To organise an amazing conference, you just need two things: An amazing crowd, and One hour. Planning a Conference Yesterday, on May 12, 2011, in the Open Space at the XP2011 in Madrid, about a dozen […]

Brian Raging Madrid

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Brian Marick opens the second main conference day of XP2011 with a keynote titled “Rage against the Power Law”. He started with a Short History of Agile Agile started in isolated places. The confrontation with a money-based company culture crushed Agile—the Economies of Scale for the Enterprise are Dis-Economies for Us. History of Money How money […]

How Are You Doing That?

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When I published the blog post during Esther Derby’s keynote at XP2011 this morning, Simon asked: [tweeted][/tweeted] referring to the fact that I managed to do, as he called it “(quality) real time keynote blogging”. What he didn’t know was that at the same time I was finishing off my prezi for the lighting talk […]

A Cookbook is not Enough…

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I held a talk at XP2011 just before lunch today, about aligning the information infrastructure of an enterprise to agile projects. This is the prezi I used: A Cookbook Is Not Enough on Prezi I’ll post a write-up of my findings and my current state of opinion on that topic in a later post..

Still No Silver Bullets

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On the first main conference day of XP2011, Esther Derby is speaking in the first keynote about the downsides of Agile transitions. She has these amazing hand-written slides… In fact, last night on the way to my room, I passed a person sitting in the lobby working on her slides. In the lift, I thought, […]