AgileCoachCamp Norway – Day 2

Last weekend I went to the AgileCoachCamp Norway 2011 (#accn) which I organised with Sergey Dmitriev, Geir Amsjø and a few others… We made it happen. It was amazing. I wrote about the first day of the unconference here. Open Space—Continued… The morning started after a short night’s sleep with an awesome breakfast—are all Norwegian hotels that […]

Das Agilere Manifest

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Kurz vor Weihnachten veröffentlichte Geert Bossuyt auf dem Xebia Blog das MoreAgile Manifesto. Ich war begeistert… Please discuss! Er hat mir erlaubt, den Text auf Deutsch zu veröffentlichen (Danke Andreas Leidig, Markus Gaertner und Marc Bless für Euer Feedback!): Das Agilere Manifest Wir sind darauf spezialisiert, Effektivität zu steigern, indem wir agil arbeiten und dabei […]

AgileCoachCamp Norway 2011 – Day 1

Just arrived home from the AgileCoachCamp Norway 2011 (#accn). Full of inspirations, connections, ideas… I think there is no better way to spend a weekend than an AgileCoachCamp. That’s why Sergey Dmitriev and I started working on the idea of a Norwegian CoachCamp after the XP2010 conference in Trondheim. A few friends and colleagues joined […]

Bibbedi-Bibbedi-Bob Game

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One of the funniest games I know. Learned it from Mike Sutton at the AgileCoachCamp Germany 2010, played it again with him and others at XP2010 in Trondheim and at AgileCoachCamp Norway 2011. So it goes: One stands in the middle of a circle, the others quite close to one another around him. The player […]