The Most Important Things in Life

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The Most Important Things in Life

I work with organisations who go beyond the boundaries of what’s considered possible in companies to help them become even better. Let me know if you work in such a place. Two years ago, I started working with one of the most awesome and unique companies I know: Krankikom in Duisburg, Germany. Krankikom creates “creative digital […]

Scrum in Stories: Severus Snape

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In February, I wrote the first example post about Sam Gamgee for Hero Feedback applied to a Scrum Role. I asked for ideas on Twitter whom else to write about and Allan Kelly proposed Severus Snape, Professor for Potions (and later Defense against the Dark Arts) at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter […]

Inspiring Blog: Jabe Bloom

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Inspiring Blog: Jabe Bloom

I first met Jabe Bloom at the SFAgile2012 conference in San Francisco. We’d been in touch on Twitter before, and I’d always been impressed with the depth and breadth of his thinking. I’m quite bright myself, and few people actually blow my mind when I talk to them. Listening to Jabe always makes me wish […]

Safety, Trust, and Oppression

(draft. more edits will follow.) Human beings have an innate need for safety. Our safety depends and relies on trust. Happiness is based on how safe we are, and how much we feel we are able to make free choices. Agreeing on a level of safety with others so that we all feel safe requires a […]

Mystery, Magic, or Science?

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I’m at ALE14 unconference in Krakow, enjoying lots of inspiring and engaging conversations. I have a special connection to this event and its people, as I organised the first ALE conference three years ago in Berlin. this is a draft post… written in a hallway while Pablo is waiting for me to come join him […]

Liquid Scrum

  We have translated Tobias Mayer’s The People’s Scrum into German. Tobias asked us to create a spirited rather than literal translation, adding some of our own material to the book. We’re nearly done with the translation. There is one essay I added, which I’m so excited about that I translated it into English for […]

Innovation Requires Forgiveness

Innovation Requires Forgiveness

Safe-to-fail experiments for product and process are not enough. We also need safe-to-fail interactions for people. Innovation requires forgiveness. Last week at Agile2014, I did this pecha kucha in the lightning talk session on “People“. This is my abstract: Innovation Requires Forgiveness Teams and organisation fostering innovation and creativity struggle with a motivational challenge after a […]

Wie wird man Politik im Unternehmen los?

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Wie wird man Politik im Unternehmen los?

Politik im Unternehmen wächst wie Kalk in Kaffeemaschinen. Sie ist Nebeneffekt nützlicher und hilfreicher Aktivitäten. Und bremst. Wie werden wir sie los? Keynote: Politik im Unternehmen Melanie Wohnert hat mich eingeladen, beim German Testing Day am 1. Juli in Berlin die eröffnende Keynote zu halten. Das Programm Komitee hatte mein Pecha Kucha bei der OOP […]

The Most Targeted Visual Marketing Process Ever

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I’m just back home from Orlando, Florida, after an intensive and inspiring week at the Agile2014 conference. Among many kind encounters during the conference experience one stood out as especially generous and amazing: The personalised Tweet T-Shirts printed by TargetProcess. Targeted Visual Marketing at its best. Lovely. Targeted Visual Marketing This is what Michael […]