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Olaf. The Trust Artist

I am the Trust Artist. I make people happy. I de-scale organisations.
You deserve to love what you do, and be loved for what you do.
I will help you trust yourself and others, to discover who you are, what you want and who you want to become.
That will give you clarity and courage to remove everything that sabotages your success.
I will reduce your pain and help you see your successful self.

I’ve been developing software since 1986.
I’ve been helping organisations improve since 1998.
I’ve started to use XP in 1999. I have been agile all my life.
Now I’m a Certified Scrum Coach and proud of it.
I’ve seen and influenced hundreds of organisations.

There are thousands of coaches world-wide.
There are 57 Certified Scrum Coaches.
I am The Trust Artist.

My Portfolio


Creating space for people to tell their life stories from the heart enables us to see each other as human beings, past roles and masks that we usually see. Transformation and healing can happen as a result. As our culture is made of and shared through stories, Temenos is a means to improve how we are and how we work together. It’s an effective way to create a workplace where we want to belong, and contribute to great results.

More about Temenos here (in English) and here (in German).


Co-Aching is an effective method to remove emotional blocks. Like “I want X, and I don’t dare to even think that I might possibly deserve to have it”.  It’s my preferred coaching stance, using presence, empathy and compassion.
You deserve to love what you do, and be loved for what you do.

Specific Services:

Wholehearted Coaching

I help you love what you do.

I coach using stories. I listen to yours, I might tell you mine, and help you make your story positive, and unique.

Change your story to change your reality. We look at your story from different perspectives to discover new options. This gives you the value of more choice. I will only give advice when you ask for it.

In everything I do, my heart is in the center. My trust offers you confidence. Confidence leads to more awareness, and more available choices.

Certified Scrum Coach

Scrum “Coaching”

I am a Certified Scrum Coach. I help your organisation to be agile. Scrum is my favourite approach to de-scale your organisation: Identify what’s in the way, decide if it’s still needed, appreciate how it’s made you successful, and gratefully let go.

I do not immerse myself into your system. My support will be a series of interventions.

I will not start helping you without a clear business goal. The first business goal may be to identify a business goal for my services.

My approach to Scrum treats it as a set of options, not a set of rules. I call that Liquid Scrum.

Culture is #1 Metric

Culture is #1 Metric by @gapingvoid

Culture Fitness

Most organisations I worked with lacked awareness of their culture, and it’s impact on their success. This observation has been consistent, independent of how successful these companies actually were. Working closely with Michael Sahota, the world’s leading expert on Agile Culture, we’ve developed a number of tools and techniques to help you increase awareness of organisational culture. These help you to leverage your culture consciously and deliberately for your success.

Culture Fitness Training

Culture and Climate Check

Love Your Customers

I will love you and help you learn how to love each other. You will learn how to love your customers. Then you will be able to discover what you want and whom you want to help them become.
You will know that you deserve to love what you do, and be loved for what you do.
That will give you clarity and courage to remove everything from your system and your strategy that sabotages your success.

Then, and only then, I have provided the best possible service.
And that’s the least I can do, as you deserve the best possible service to help you realise who you really are.

I am the Trust Artist.

Pay By Value

My main interest is establishing an authentic connection with you. I want us to have a trusted relationship. Economic relationships as they are common between consultants and clients tend to start with a feeling of dept on one side or the other, depending on the price agreed upfront. I prefer to start with a clean slate: first, you pay just enough to cover my costs for the option to use my time and presence. (That could be zero if we start a personal coaching engagement on Skype.) Once we’ve established a trusted relationship we talk about value, and compensation.


  1. Alhad
    April 11, 2017

    Hi Olaf,
    Good day!
    I recently viewed the SCrumalliance videos on Coaching. I liked the concept of online coaching and will be interested in attending these in future. Can you please let me know if there will more of such sessions?
    Appreciate if you can guide me.



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