July 28

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Checkin Mad (2) Sad (3) Glad (9) Afraid (4). Key points … Mad at not having done some things I intended to do. Website building especially is behind intended schedule … Sad that some things I did didn’t fulfill my need for well-being of all involved. Sad about some losses in the far past I’ve […]

Culture Fitness Training Berlin – First Impressions

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First Culture Fitness Training On Monday and Tuesday I ran the first Culture Fitness Training in Berlin. The idea and the content was co-created with Steve Holyer. Culture Fitness Training is an open interactive workshop designed to make sense of and influence the culture of an organisation. It’s based on my Culture and Climate Check, […]

Who Ever Comes… Free Culture Training next week in Berlin

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I’m creating a new business and I knew that would include some learning opportunities… One of the products I created is the Culture & Climate Check. It’s an awareness workshop for organisations who feel they got disconnected from their culture… And want to get it back! Steve Holyer and I created a public training from […]

Finding your Vision

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Without vision, you go blind. You depend on others telling you where to go. My friend and VisionTemenos fellow Christopher Newlin posted this week on Moving Forward: Finding Your Vision Everybody wants to know where they are going. Unfortunately a lot of people have no idea where they want to be (a state of being). […]

Aufrichtige Empfindsamkeit ist der neue Hardcore

[amazon asin=”B00CO8CRDY” template=”simpleimage”] Soft Skills are the new Hard Skills ist der Titel meines Tracks bei der nächsten OOP in München. Gestern habe ich Tobias Mayers Artikel  Heartfelt Emotionalism is the New Hardcore erwähnt (jetzt hier als Auszug aus dem Buch). Er schreibt sehr klar, was ich mit dem Titel meines Tracks sagen wollte. Ich habe seinen Artikel […]

OOP2014 – Soft Skills are the New Hard Skills

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[amazon asin=”B00CO8CRDY” template=”simpleimage”] Reading Tobias Mayer’s “The People’s Scrum” I stumbled upon an article he’s written in 2009: Heartfelt Emotionalism is the New Hardcore (available now as excerpt from the book). I fully agree with what he says about “touchy-feely” being a label that’s used when we don’t have the courage to open up at work. The […]