What does an Architect do?

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I’ve been working with numerous software organisations for years, occasionally where the software is intended to be embedded in hardware… I regularly meet people with the role “Architect”. But I don’t really have a clue what real architects do—they design buildings, basically… I’ve seen a lot of bad effects caused by inadequate metaphors in software […]

How to be an Explorer of the World

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Recently got a book in my hands which contains simple, yet amazing tips on how to treat the world like an artist and reflect on what you experience in your world: Write down ten things about the place you’re sitting which you did not recognise when you sat down. Use your senses. Do it quickly. […]


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Seen code like this? } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } Amazing. No comment..

ALE Network – first ideas from AgileStammtisch Düsseldorf

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It seems like yesterday that Jurgen Appelo started the Agile Lean Europe group on LinkedIn. I noticed it because I follow Jurgen on Twitter, and because I knew him from the XPDays Benelux last year. I didn’t really care at the time (I think it might have been early February) as I thought, “not another discussion […]

Dan Pink on Motivation

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Watch this awesome TED talk by Daniel Pink on Motivation: I’ve read his books, A Whole New Mind and Drive, last year, and they changed the way I think about management. Reviews will follow….

Play4Agile Closing Session

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Dieter Bertsch filmed the four Retrospective Session acts at Play4Agile. Awesome! A writeup of my impressions from that awesome event will follow. Enjoy… Lego Art Mind Map Role Play .

April 1st

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An awesome day. Several things I need to tell you… Some of which might be true. I decided to start blogging every day. We’ll see how that goes. I got a book, highly recommended my my friend Michael Sahota, started reading the first 5 pages, and have been sucked in. Review coming up… The ScrumAlliance […]