Meet Olaf in London

Over the next five months, I’ll be in London quite regularly. I was invited to give two trainings and speak at two conferences! That provides opportunities to meet, to work … If you’re in London or the UK and want to meet, these are your options:

Join the Movement: TrustTemenos Gathering

Not actually in London, but you’re still invited: We bring together change communities in October in Germany. We are excited! Join us

September 5/6: Certified Agile Leadership CAL1

Christine and Olaf Showing Up in London

Become the leader you feel called to be!

November 20/21: Clean Language for Agile Adventurers

Praise for the first edition last November:

“I’ve done many Agile trainings over the past twelve years. Very few inspire me, and almost none surprise me. This one did both. As well as the very fine Clean Language tools themselves, I left with a different way of looking at relationships, and a radical new way of “seeking to understand”. This highly interactive workshop, emergent in the best Agile way, had us engaged in practice from start to finish in a cyclic learning forum that was at the same time a wild journey and a calm reflection. Intriguing—and highly recommended.” Tobias Mayer, London

“Thank you Olaf and Judy for introducing me to Clean Language – it’s like I’ve got a magic wand for generating creative conversations.” Richard Atherton, London

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  1. Corinne Lemercier
    March 27, 2017

    Awesome !I wish I could join you !


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