AgileCoachCamp Norway 2015

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I’m enjoying the fifth AgileCoachCamp Norway (#accn) in the wonderful Thon Hotel Vettre. As always, we have snow.

Snow-Safe coach camp

Snow-Safe coach camp

Full of inspirations, connections, ideas… I think there are few better ways to start the year than this. That’s why Sergey Dmitriev and I founded this in 2011. The next one will be happening from Januar 8-10, 2016. Save the date!

AgileCoachCamp Norway

AgileCoachCamp Norway

Coaching Dojo

As always, we started the day with a coaching dojo. Practicing our craft with observers and intense feedback, and trying new methods like clean language. Kudos to Rachel Davies for the inspiration!

Over the past years, we’ve grown the concept a bit. We offer different coaching methods, which are briefly explained and can be tried in the coaching sessions. For me it was great to have an opportunity to practice Clean Language.

Opposing Forces

One very interesting conversation started with Newton’s third law of movement: every force has an equal opposing force. How does that apply to change?

My summary:

  1. Forcing change doesn’t work as there will be resistance. Inviting people to change has a much higher probability to work.
  2. This law nicely fits into my recent definition of management and leadership:

Management is keeping our comfort zone comfortable, management is limiting our options to increase focus and safety.
Leadership is moving or expanding our comfort zone, exploring new options together.
Both are activities, not positions, and they always go together.

We did agree that in many current organisations we have too much management and not enough leadership.

Thank you Olve Maudal for the inspirational idea to apply Newton’s mechanics to organisational dynamics!


I proposed a conversation around mentoring, exploring two questions:

  1. How is mentoring different from coaching?
  2. How can we integrate remote mentoring into the way we currently work with organisations, to deliver our help in ways that limit risk, provide safety, and increase (cost) effectiveness?

I’ll write more about that tomorrow 🙂.


  1. Irene
    January 11, 2015

    Funny. When I read about your new mentoring offer l wondered how it would be different from what you’ve done so far. Looking forward to your exploration 🙂

  2. Trust Artist Management AND Leadership - Trust Artist
    January 17, 2015

    […] Newton’s third law of motion states that every force is met by an equal opposing force. I have observed frequently how we talk about management and leadership as opposing forces. They aren’t. Just as you may move parts of your body while others stay still, you will manage some aspects of your system and lead in others, at the same time. […]


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