Descale Your Organisation!

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I repeated my Agile2014 talk on Descale Your Organisation at ALE2014 as a surprise talk. This time, it was professionally recorded:

These are the core ideas:

Virtuous Cycle to Descale Your Organisation

De-Scaling: Increase Trust, Invite People to Make Choices, Reduce Org Structure

De-Scaling: Increase Trust, Invite People to Make Choices, Reduce Org Structure

Increase trust. Trusted people can be invited to make new choices. These choices may lead to unneeded structures (rules, processes, hierarchies…) that you can reduce when you discover you don’t need them anymore. Experiment!

Internal Safety Reduces Need for External Safety

Confident people who trust themselves have a high level of internal safety. They need less external safety to not feel afraid. They feel they have a greater influence on their situation and the context.

Me Confident in a Situation

Me Confident in a Situation and Context

Reduce Oppression

Create space for dialogue. Connect to your people as human beings, not roles and positions.
Create safe-to-fail interactions.

Deprecate Limiting Words

Human beings don’t need to be managed, they need attachment.
Replace management with community.

Software doesn’t have physical limitations.
Replace engineering with experimentation.

We think about the systems we create, we don’t build them like houses.
Replace architecture with philosophy.

There’s more value in mapping what we don’t know than mapping what we know. Linearising and simplification limit our options.
Replace models with mysteries..

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