Innovation Requires Forgiveness

Safe-to-fail experiments for product and process are not enough. We also need safe-to-fail interactions for people. Innovation requires forgiveness.

Last week at Agile2014, I did this pecha kucha in the lightning talk session on “People“.

This is my abstract:

Innovation Requires Forgiveness

Teams and organisation fostering innovation and creativity struggle with a motivational challenge after a while. We’re underestimating the people side of the equation.

Innovative teams require deep knowledge of and uncomfortable openness with our teammates. Taking risks requires personal vulnerability. What happens when we get hurt?

Continually coming up with new ideas and having these relentlessly challenged by my fellows will necessarily hurt our feelings at some point. How do we deal with that?

Great teams have great diversity. They have ambiguous views of the world. Stephen Shapiro said, “the person you hate the most is the one you need the most on your team.” That’s painful.

Lip service to the prime directive is not enough. I posit a need for forgiveness.

Visual Notes

The talk was not recorded, yet the amazing Lynne Cazaly took visual notes:

Visual Notes by Lynne Cazaly

Visual Notes by Lynne Cazaly


Innovation Requires Forgiveness – Agile 2014 Lightning Talk from Olaf Lewitz


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