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De-Scale Your Organisation!

You deserve to love what you do.
Our environment has not evolved in a way that helps us realising that.
This talk explains why and how that is so, and what to do to make it better.

Like physical systems our organizations build up scales or blockages during healthy function and growth. We’re unaware as this happens over time until someone notices that there is too much red tape, dis-engagement and fear. This vicious cycle takes place:

Vicious Cycle: Fear, Shame, Judgement

Vicious Cycle: Fear, Shame, Judgement

Our human need for safety leads to habits and rules, structures and practices. These make us successful first, and less adaptive, less resilient, later. To become open to innovation again we want to descale. We want to remove stuff that limits our freedom to do valuable work.

We want to invite people to make new choices. They need our trust to be able to do that. Reducing structures and simplifying processes helps to demonstrate our trust. This way we build a virtuous cycle:

De-Scaling: Increase Trust, Invite People to Make Choices, Reduce Org Structure

De-Scaling: Increase Trust, Invite People to Make Choices, Reduce Org Structure

Each of these steps require empathy, compassion and awareness. Building awareness and identifying options are key for people to be able to make a choice.


Interaction Technology (Tomatoes & Eggs)

by Johannes Mainusch and Benedikt Stemmildt

If you happen to know someone who’s involved in TED please connect us—Bene and Johannes want to bring this tech to TED!

Make Good Art

Neil Gaiman’s Commencement speech at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, 2012

Methods to De-Scale

My approach to “Scrum like Water”…




Culture Fitness Training


Inspirations and Sources

book: Spinning Threads of Radical Aliveness: Transcending the Legacy of Separation in Our Individual Lives by Miki Kashtan

From this
Book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky


Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

Gábor Máté MD: Attachment = Wholeness and Health or Disease, ADD, Addiction, Violence

Software Engineering: Dead?.


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