Soft Skills are the new Hard Skills at OOP 2015


This year, I hosted the “Soft Skills are new Hard Skills” track at OOP, a main German software conference. It was rated the best track of the conference according to attendees’ feedback. Apparently the audience was interested in soft skills. We want to repeat the success and satisfy the participants needs and wants.

Submissions for 2015 are open until July 1. You’ve still got a week to think about an awesome session you want to host:

  • an inspiring talk or demo,
  • an intriguing interactive session or workshop, or
  • a half or full day tutorial.

The Call for Papers is open! Inspire us.

What do you have to share about how soft skills are important for…

  • Sustainable Growth,
  • Organizational Culture & Trust,
  • Human Decision Context,
  • Balancing Passion for Change with Respect for Tradition, or
  • Unleashing Everyone’s Leadership Potential?

Simply create an account at and share what you want to share. We’re looking forward to your submission.

Soft Skills, Hard Skills?

Use Soft Skills to Stop Being Victims of Process

Use Soft Skills to Stop Being Victims of Process

Aufrichtige Empfindsamkeit ist der neue Hardcore (“Heartfelt emotialism is the new hardcore”) I’ve quoted Tobias Mayer last year when I asked for your submissions. So much effort and time in our organisations goes into pretending we’re someone else, someone “professional”, trying not to show up with our full selves at work. We want to talk about what’s really hard: being vulnerable, trusting ourselves to be able to change, having conversations on eye-level, creating a trustworthy environment for people and products to grow. As long as we do not allow ourselves to fully show up at work, we severely limit human potential. We limit our organisations’ effectiveness and our ability to connect to and delight our customers. How do we become fully engaged?

Anything you have to share that helps people and organisations addressing these hard things is welcome in this track!

Simply create an account at and share what you want to share. We’re looking forward to your submission..

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