New Beginnings

New Beginnings by @gapingvoid

“In an intense coaching session Olaf helped me to clarify my next steps on my agile journey and encouraged me to keep on following my vision. His broad and deep experience combined with passion for what he does and believes in make him a great sparring partner to grow with.”
Kai Simons, Agile Coach

Wholehearted Coaching

I help you love what you do.

My coaching approach is based on my understanding of human identity. Our identity is made from stories. The stories we believe to be true about ourselves shape our perception of reality and define the options we are able to identify.

I coach using stories. I listen to yours, I might tell you mine, and help you make your story positive, and unique.

Change your story to change your reality. We look at your story from different perspectives to discover new options. This gives you the value of more choice. I will only give advice when you ask for it.

In everything I do, my heart is in the center. My trust offers you confidence. Confidence leads to more awareness, and more choice.

“There are no mistakes. The events we bring upon ourselves, no matter how unpleasant, are necessary in order to learn what we need to learn; whatever steps we take, they’re necessary to reach the places we’ve chosen to go.” Richard Bach

How To Start

Get in touch, to make a first appointment. Our first call will be free of charge.

We will reserve about an hour on Skype, Hangout or phone, and start with what you want. We’ll create a trusted space. If you trust me to be able to help you further to identify or get what you want, we’ll decide how to proceed, and agree on a fair price.


Why would you want to talk to me? What could I help you with? Here are some ideas…

You Need Somebody to Talk to You Can Trust

Many of us lack sparring partners we can trust. Many of us lack companions who compassionately listen. Empty your heart, I’ll refrain from comments or advice unless you ask for it.

Feel an Inner Void?

For the most part of my life, I was doing things I didn’t love to do. Even though I liked most of it, my heart wasn’t in it. It was ok. I had not found my passion. There was a void inside me I was not aware of most of the time. Have you discovered your talent yet? Your true passion? I’ll help you find the story that unlocks your potential.

Struggling With Authenticity and Expectations

Many of us give up part of their authenticity when we grow up. We lose part of ourselves, give up who we truly are and want to be, as we want to be liked, be successful, or simply survive. I’ll help you discover yourself. Clean your habits and the expectations you try to live up to. Decide which of these you really value and want, and which come from influences you no longer need. I’ll help you let go.

Find out what only you can do

The last century was all about fitting in, being a well-oiled part of a system. Today it’s about standing out, making a difference.

“Don’t try to be the best in the world at what you do. Be the only one in the world who does what you do.” Hugh MacLeod

So what is it that only you can do? I will help you find out.

Coach, Ready for Next Steps

As professionals, we know our limits. We know what we can and can’t or want to and don’t want to do. As we develop our skills, we want to push these boundaries. We feel how they limit our professional growth, and are ready for the next step. What if there’s more? What if, although we’re confident of our abilities, we don’t dare? Or don’t know how to start? An example: I frequently met agile coaches who’ve successfully worked with many teams, and want to expand their reach to management. Apart from skills and confidence, we also need different strategies and new contractual models, different prices. We need a new perspective. I’ll help you discover options to redefine yourself and your business.

In Transition 

Facing an important choice, or thinking about it, we greatly benefit from an external, and compassionate, perspective. Thinking about a new job? Moving to a new place? Changes in your family? I’ll listen, and help you to stay true to yourself.

Authentic Leadership

When I became a manager I tried to bend into a role that was not mine. No one told me what to do, and I was too afraid to ask. Leadership can be confusing. Do you want to be the hero, the servant, the host? What do your people need, and what feels authentic to you? I’ll help you discover your unique and personal leadership style.

Coaching in authentic leadership is an integral part of Boss Pairing.

Does This Sound Like Something For You?

Get in touch. I’d like to hear from you.

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