Hippo by maccattack2

According to Eliyahu M. Goldratt, any system has one bottleneck that limits its performance. The bottleneck is placed at a significant position of the bottle: at the top. No organisation can grow faster than its CEO. This is a service offering for transforming organisations who want the fast track.

The default decision making authority in any organisation with a hierarchy and non-equally distributed power is the HiPPO (Highest-Paid Person’s Opinion). Any decision will be made or influenced by the highest-paid person in the room. It is tough being in the leader role. People expect you to decide. Every comment or glance is noted. I imagine sometimes you wish outcomes could be different. That somehow you could get to a better place with people. That you had really listened to what was important. To go back in time and undo a conversation. I can help.

Even as a founder of a really agile organisation with a non-hierarchical model this will still be present in people’s heads. You might still feel that they need you for decisions or don’t dare to decide against your opinion.

Let me pair with your company’s CEO for a week and pay me 110% of her weekly salary (yes, including all bonuses).

I’ll pair with the boss. The price makes sure she listens to me as well as everybody she talks to. As soon as that stops you don’t need me anymore. If it doesn’t start you’re not ready for me yet, and that’s ok. You’ll get 90% of your money back.

Coercion needs power and power is where the money is. I am non-violent and loving and I know how to help you build a non-coercive system.  I will co-ache with both of you. I will call out inauthentic behaviour and challenge your data. I will create containers of trust to have authentic connections.

You deserve to love what you do and be loved for what you do. I am the Trust Artist.

Make me the HiPPO and I’ll help you let go of HiPPO culture.

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