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Become the leader you feel called to be!
In about five weeks, the second TrustTemenos Leadership Academy is about to start. We are excited!

“We uncover the strength of people to unleash their freedom of choice. We believe that increases well-being and the effectiveness of organisations. It makes work more fun.” – from our book, Showing Up

Leadership: Christine and Olaf Showing Up

Christine and Olaf Showing Up

What will we Learn?

The core of the academy – our leadership vision – is that you learn how you can show up to create a space that helps you get the outcome you want, make the impact you want. We won’t tell you how to lead, we will let you experience how you lead at your best.

The Academy will help you get ready and get better for new kinds of leadership in a changing world. There are so many different methods and metaphors available – leader as servant, as host, from the front or the back, as coach, trainer, facilitator, manager… We don’t add to this – we love those! They all make sense within a given context. We focus on growing your skills in Context Management – growing your awareness of where you are, what you want, how you want to be perceived, and what impact you want to make: that’s why our book is called Showing Up.

What is going on inside you when you lead, so that people follow you? What is different when you want to support them, create a space for them to shine? Do you show up differently when you facilitate innovation, compared to conflict? And… how do you switch? Through the months of learning in the academy, we will raise our awareness and become intentional in the way we create and hold space, draw and focus attention.

How will we Learn Leadership?

Our learning is based on two basic human qualities, which we practice individually and as a group:

  • Intention – you will know much clearer, and with more confidence, what you want. Be it about life, or work, a specific choice you want to make, you will know what you want.
  • Attention – the deep connections we build and the weekly check-ins give you the attention that your brain needs to turn your intention into a habit. You’ll not only want to show up differently, you’ll embody it – because the group creates a continual pull for you to go and lead where you want to go.

Interested in Becoming the Leader You feel called to be?

If that’s something you would like to have happen, join us! Get in touch to start a conversation 🙂

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