Showing Up – Our New Book

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Christine Neidhardt and I published the source book of our TrustTemenos Leadership Academy: Showing Up.

Our next Academy starts in October 2016.

Showing Up book cover

Showing Up

Leadership is Showing Up

I define leadership as the extent to which we have 

  • clarity of identity – we know who we are,
  • clarity of reality – we know where we are, what’s going on and how we feel, and
  • clarity of intent – we know what we want.

And: leadership is the extent to which we take responsibility for our world.

It’s leading your life and your self rather than leading somebody somewhere.

It’s leading in a way that others want to ask if they may join, not leading in a way that makes others follow.

It’s a way of being an attractor in the complex web of (human) relations.

Leadership is showing up.

Leadership is: You are welcome.

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