In the past we’ve built businesses and organisations to last. We were afraid. We needed predictability to feel safe.

Surprisability - We rock when we're rocked

Surprisability – We Rock when we’re Rocked

Now we have the confidence to grow businesses that offer less safety yet more creativity, serendipity and fun.
We foster the surprisability of organisations:

  • Our ability to grow from surprises, to rise strong from falling. This allows us to be daring and brave. Which in turn fosters
  • Our ability to surprise markets, our customers, our partners, our competitors.

We’ve learned to surf the waves of complexity, to steer our ship safely through the storms. Now we are the storm, we’re causing the waves.

We are disruption, we are rumble.

Our leaders have consciousness of breath and space.
They have respond-ability to grow our surprisability.

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