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This week I was in Slovenia to host a business breakfast, give a keynote and facilitate a workshop at a conference near Ljubljana. Thank you Aleš Stempihar for the invitation! On this page I’m collecting material I used or mentioned. If anything is missing, please ask in the comments! I’m also very happy if you leave your feedback 🙂

Business Breakfast Book recommendations:

Frédéric Laloux at the RSA two weeks ago:

Friends of mine do leadership courses together with David (the Navy captain, “Turn the ship around” author”)

David at TED:


Keynote: Trust and Responsibility for project success

The foundation for engagement, creativity and project success

How do we transform our projects and workplaces to increase engagement and creativity? To remove anything that’s blocking us from getting great project results?

The dynamics seem simple and easy to understand: When trust is extended, it breeds responsibility in return. Shared responsibility leads to shared understanding, which grows cohesion and engagement. People dare to show up fully, and be more creative. Yet, how do we make that work in practice?

We need to re-think how we show up at work, how we are present. Trust and responsibility are choices that we make in the moment, in every moment. Engagement and creativity can emerge where people choose to trust and take responsibility. To make that choice, we need to feel invited. This is as true for any project as for the whole organisation.

Inviting people to personal transformation is the key to the transformation of the whole project, and organisation.

Trust and responsibility for project success from Olaf Lewitz

I mentioned Amanda Palmers TED Talk “The Art of Asking” in the keynote:

Workshop: An active listening on the way to Engagement

“Employee engagement is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees.” Wikipedia

In more simple terms, engagement is how we show up at work.

How we show up is a function of how invited we feel to show up, to fully be ourselves, to bring our full potential to work.

Part of this invitation is listening.

This workshop will invite you to explore different ways of listening and how they affect communication and thinking.

Next, we’ll explore which parts of ourselves we don’t bring to work, as we don’t feel they’re invited.

How can we change the way we have conversations, make decisions, run meetings so that people feel invited into our projects with their whole hearts and minds?

In this engaging and interactive workshop for project managers and leaders of all kinds, you’ll take away methods and tools you can put into practice the next day, in your organisation, to improve your project, to increase and nurture engagement.


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