Agile: a Courageous Choice (pecha kucha)

Three Elements of Change

Three Elements of Change

My submission to ScrumGathering Phoenix SGPHX next year.

Agile—A Courageous Choice

Agile is a courageous choice. To leave the comfort zone of the known and explore the boundaries of what’s possible, we need awareness, courage and trust.
Olaf suggests a three step model to understand change in human systems: we raise awareness, we identify options, and then we make a choice. We only take full responsibility for our actions when we have the freedom to choose.
Leadership is the exploration of new options with others, expanding our comfort zone. We also need management (or better), the intentional limitation of options in order to increase focus and reduce risk. We need both, they play together.
Change and transformation is all about options, and choice. Being Agile is the courageous choice.

I had not produced a video of a pecha kucha presentation before. What do you think? Is this a good way to capture and deliver thoughts and ideas? What do you like about it and what could be improved?


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