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Jabe with Hat

Jabe with Hat

I first met Jabe Bloom at the SFAgile2012 conference in San Francisco. We’d been in touch on Twitter before, and I’d always been impressed with the depth and breadth of his thinking. I’m quite bright myself, and few people actually blow my mind when I talk to them. Listening to Jabe always makes me wish I had some sort of slo-mo gadget which I could use to rewind the sentences and digest them more slowly. Somehow I always manage to understand what he says, in the end. Thank God he’s written down some of his thoughts, and some of his talks have been recorded and published, so that I can actually use technology to help improve my understanding.

His LKCE talk “In Defense Of Ambiguity” is still one of the most inspiring presentations I have seen:

Interested in Strange Problems

In one conversation with Jabe he told me that he’s been meditating every day since he was about twenty. Who knew that mindfulness helped you become a better thinker? (Jabe would now say that this may be correlating rather than causally linked information, and I would reply that I believe in the power of stories to change our lives… ) I could go on telling you stories, yet this post is about celebrating Jabe’s blog. So without further ado, this is what I learned from Jabe:

Jabe is a mindful listener that helps you think by listening well. He’s kind and caring and was, until recently, and inspiring example of a C-Level manager. Thank you!

Jabe Thinking

Jabe Thinking

More Coherent Thoughts from his blog:

Company Killers

Blowing my Mind: Jabe improves Dave Snowden (my evaluation). Wahoo.

Another amalgamation of Dave’s and Jabe’s thinking: The Golden Birmingham Screwdriver. Starting with… »I set out to understand the origin of David Snowden’s term “Bounded Applicabability.”« Wait where he’s taking you…

To finish on a lighter note, Jabe can also be outright funny (it doesn’t take long to figure that out when you talk to him): Open Letter to Torbjörn Gyllebring & KLRATers

Enjoy! And, Jabe, write on 🙂.

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