The Most Targeted Visual Marketing Process Ever

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I’m just back home from Orlando, Florida, after an intensive and inspiring week at the Agile2014 conference. Among many kind encounters during the conference experience one stood out as especially generous and amazing: The personalised Tweet T-Shirts printed by TargetProcess. Targeted Visual Marketing at its best. Lovely.

Targeted Visual Marketing

This is what Michael Sahota called the most targeted visual marketing process ever. Two of TargetProcess‘ graphic designers and one moderator were present (at unusal working times because of time zones) in their office in Minsk and watching the Agile2014 Twitter stream. When ever a Tweet was retweeted 5 times or more, they’d visualise the content, contact their colleagues on site, which would ask the author of the tweet for hir size:

They answered the visualised tweet, you can see my tweet above mentioning David Hussman‘s idea of capturing wrongness points at the end of an iteration. A little while later, this is what I got:

My Personal Shirt with Martin Kearns' Quote

My Personal Shirt with Martin Kearns’ Quote

You’ll not be able to read the tweet on the photo (see above) yet you can see the team holding up cards with negative points. Lovely.


One specific action I was (and still am) totally overwhelmed by: the targetprocess crowd was so looking forward to my talk “De-Scale Your Organisation!” on Thursday that they decided to print a special T-Shirt for my talk. Michael Dubakov, founder and CEO, came to my talk early and gave me five of these:

In the afternoon I found out that they actually got up earlier to print the shirts in time for my 9am talk. Hard to put my gratitude for that much love into words. Thank you!


I don’t know exactly how many people got t-shirts from the lovely guys from Minsk—I know they printed dozens. Here are a few more impressions:

  • DSC02783
  • Image00007
  • Image00006
  • Image00005
  • Image00004
  • Image00003
  • Image00002
  • Image00001
  • DSC02785


Some more feedback tweets… People loved the idea! Check TargetProcess’ Twitter stream to find more. It’s going on—they promised to send T-Shirts to people who couldn’t pick them up during the conference, and they’ll even print more for those Tweets that became popular after they had to close their booth. Wow.

One More Thing

Apart from being an awesome company with an amazing and loving culture, their tool is well worth having a look at. Visually compelling, easy to use and flexible to configure. Free to try..

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