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I first met Chris Matts at the XP2010 conference in Trondheim. In 2011, he was one of the first awesome coaches of the week. Since then, we’ve met at multiple conferences and have shared a deep learning journey together. His blog is the first I’m featuring on my website, with the intention to grow this into an inspiring list of learning opportunities.

Chris Matts Learning

Chris Matts Learning

Chris has inspired me with

And, Chris Matts is possibly the most funny human being I’ve ever met. Thank you!

The IT Risk Manager

“… based on practice rather than theory” is the subtitle of his blog:

My personal favourites, in no particular order:

SAFe versus Theory of Constraints. Sustained agility requires learning, not implementing a prescribed framework.

Two Legs Good. A reminder of the Agile Manifesto being a Call to Arms.

Forgiveness. About an interesting learning experience.

Responding to Change over Following a plan. Insights on  Planning and Cynefin.

I am an Agile Coach. I am an Organisational Dysfunction. On applying Staff Liquidity to management skills.

Pay Down Liquidity Debt (Go hire experienced agile developers) On applying Staff Liquidity to staff 🙂

Feature Injection, The Meme Lifecycle and Serendipity




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