How Play4Agile Changed My Life



Play4Agile has been the most transformative gathering I’ve attended. It’s been substantial in my personal growth, and the connections I’ve made in the agile community. This is my P4A story…

How It Started

Long after online interactions with the XP crowd in 98-01, my first real-life contact with the agile community was ScrumGathering 09 in Munich, where I met Mike Sutton. He deviously pulled me into XP2010 and AgileCoachCamp Germany shortly before… And that was where it started.


Mike in Trondheim

I had brought some Lego and offered a session on Strategicplay. Martin Heider asked me after that session if we wanted to create an event for agile games… And we did. A dozen coaches met at StrategicPlay in hamburg, created a powerful vision with Lego and gathered in Rückersbach for the first play4agile in February 2011. What a blast…

It’s hard to decide what to mention. I could list all the people involved, the countries they came from, the games we created… And that wouldn’t give you any idea of what this meant to me. I had found my tribe. A group of people where I feel I belong. A playground for transformational experiments, for an abundance of possible choices.

It repeated, and sold out in less than a day. It repeated again, and sold out in less than a minute. This year #Play14 is starting as a spin-off in Luxembourg two weeks after #p4a14.


My most important instalment had been last year. On the last day, Markus Wittwer offered an Art of Hosting session to sum up the whole experience. I was curious, and went. I got an A4 piece of paper and 6 questions in 20 minutes. My whole life unfolded in front of me on that sheet of paper. Who I am, what I want, what I’m capable of… And most of all: that all the things I had wanted lay downhill. I just needed to choose, and run.

The single thing that blocked me from running was the fact I was employed at a company. (The company was awesome. Any would have blocked me.) I’d been independent within and employed outside. The dissonance made me small. So I quit. And ran.


Trust Experiment

Play4Agile has given me the trust I needed to go independent. Thank you..

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