Nov 21 — Keep Trying

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Keep Trying

Keep Trying by @gapingvoid

This blog has been abandoned for a while… And this beautiful picture inspired me to start writing again. There’s been so much going on… I’m checking in.



Our new German Temenos website is growing. Funny detail: the image at the top fits Temenos so well that we got good feedback on it from multiple sources… In fact, it’s the default image of wordpress’ new default theme:-)

I’m impressed at how interest in Temenos is growing. An ALE Hangout with Michael Sahota was well received, the slides of my talk about The Heart of Transformation at Agile Bodensee got 20k views on slideshare… We were invited to a Stoos meetup, the pm camp Berlin, a software craftsmanship meetup, we hosted open Temenos labs in Nürnberg and Berlin, the next one in Munich is almost sold out. The best news is that companies are asking for Temenos: we’ve run one day labs with one team of 18, and a leadership team of 14 people. Working on a success story… We’re still looking for early adopters.


Although the lack of progress of my website is quite embarrassing, I’m proud that I started. I bought an amazing theme, started defining a new structure, selected pictures… Results will start to be visible this week. Many thanks to Torsten Scheller, who gave me awesome inspirational feedback. Stay tuned!


My independent business has been sustaining my family for half a year now. Yeah!

We started a Culture Hacking Meetup in Berlin. Tomorrow we’ll meet for the second time. Join us if you are in town!

Oh, and I became a CSC.


I’m going through an intensive period of growth. There are things that I’m proud of, others I’m afraid and ashamed of, and I trust I’m on the right path. This is a topic for another post…


I want interesting work options for next year. I’m looking for companies who want to improve their culture, humanise their workplace, intensify relational flow within their people and with clients and stakeholders.

Growth is painful, and intensifies my awareness of uncertainty. My friend Michael Sahota posted this map about emotional antidotes:

Emotional Antidotes by Michael Sahota

Emotional Antidote Map by Michael Sahota

It helped me reflect on many of the things that I feel. And gave me hope to work through them:-)


I get feedback almost daily that I’m on the right track. Trust is in great demand and I trust my network that it will continue to provide me with options to grow myself and my business.

Many experiences in the past months have given me validation of my influence. Thank you, that increases my trust in myself.

I trust Play4Agile 2014 will be awesome. Registration opens tomorrow night!

I’m in.


I feel grateful for the network of people who challenge and inspire me—some close and dear friends, some who don’t even know me, like @gapingvoid. You keep me growing, and I couldn’t do what I do and be who I am without you. Thank you..

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