Finding your Vision

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Without vision, you go blind. You depend on others telling you where to go. My friend and VisionTemenos fellow Christopher Newlin posted this week on Moving Forward:

Finding Your Vision

Everybody wants to know where they are going.

Unfortunately a lot of people have no idea where they want to be (a state of being). This is a key step to finding fulfillment in one’s self, and purpose in life. For a lot of people, if they have an idea of where they want to be, they have no idea how to get there. Not even knowing where to look to find a path can be a very frustrating and a self defeating process. People I have talked to often see self-help as a “get rich scheme” for creators of self-help materials. The perception was that helping others had diminished into merely a business model. Nobody likes to be a number or an accounting line.

The first step in finding a purpose, or whatever else you would like to seek out, is to create a vision for that specific purpose. This is to let you know where you want to go within the scope of that purpose. These visions can have a tangible or intangible effect. My first vision was to be at peace and be happy, which does not have anything tangible. Others I have seen are focused on business success, strong family life, or life balance. Finding these visions are personal and requires a technique that allows a facilitator to guide you towards individual discovery.

Throughout my entire life, I thought that I wanted material comforts and the easy way through life. However, 40 years later, I was still unhappy and had not achieved my goals. I bounced from job to job; none of them making me happy. I moved several times thinking that it was the area that wasn’t right, but I never found happiness. Temenos was suggested to me through a friend, so I went through the process. I realised, through the experience, that material comforts was not what I wanted. It was internal peace that was the key point to my vision. I was always worried about what other thought, how I was going to pay my bills, etc. They were always external things that created unnecessary stressors in my life. I learned through the process of Temenos that a lot of these things were escapes for my real issues. So I was focusing on those stressors instead of what was wrong with me. In discovering this, I was able to focus, identify, and work on my blockers so that I can move forward.

Temenos is a focus to align your thoughts and actions into that vision, which will lead into the path of discovery for what you want. The experience of Temenos goes into your past and observes the present to discover what strengths will enable you to accomplish the vision, and what may block you to achieve your goals..

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  1. Irene
    July 6, 2013

    Good to hear that you found out so much about yourself. Keep going ­čÖé


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