April 23

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Be the Only One by @gapingvoid

Be the Only One by @gapingvoid


I feel glad for my family who supports me and loves me.
I feel glad and supported by Mike who helps me by challenging me.
I feel glad for the serendipitous options I’m discovering every day.
I feel afraid about the challenges that lie ahead and whether I will get through them. I feel glad that today I am confident that I can.
I feel glad that I got support coming from unexpected directions, again.
Happy to socialize with former colleagues and clients today.


I will try keeping a list of things I want to do, and a list of achievements. I discovered that while I do many things and achieve good results, my mind tends to focus on the things I didn’t do… Which is frustrating. Maybe I’m doing the wrong things, or maybe I just don’t dare to allow myself to deserve to be happy. The human mind is full of wonders.

Read a great post about Privacy today. Amazing clarity of observation and articulation.

Re-read Bob’s awesome post on organizational therapy. I love the approach and want to do exactly that, and I think it needs another name. I’ll go with trust artist for the time being. His recent (draft) paper Product Aikido looks promising as well.

Awesome ACEconf which I missed last week published their videos today.

With all my current focus on emotions on trust, I found this post insightful: When the Heart is a Fickle Leader.


I met a coach on Tuesday night at Techmeetups Berlin Drinks & Demo Night who lives around the corner (500m), comes from a totally different background and apparently has very similar interests—empathy and emotions in organisations… My tweets about the Culture & Climate Check didn’t get much interest, though. Still looking for clients 🙂

My neighbour told me today he’ll introduce me to his business network next week. Options coming from unexpected directions. Stumbled upon an old paper by Dave Snowden about Managing for Serendipity. Recommended. It works 🙂.

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  1. Andrea Chiou
    April 24, 2013

    Yes – the opportunities will come – I keep this in mind too. Thank you for all the many links – many more than I have time to follow. But I know where to find them. Have a lovely day!


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