April 22: Live Learn Love

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Live Learn Love by @gapingvoid

Live Learn Love by @gapingvoid


I want to check in:
I feel glad for all the conversations I have about options and challenges…
I feel glad for my friends and family who support me and believe in me.
I feel glad that two options to host a Temenos lab are becoming more specific (Nuremberg, July and Nashville, August, details tba soon).
I feel glad for the spring and the sun and that my hay fever is much less bad than I feared it would be after the long winter.
I feel glad I took the chance to attend techmeetup drinks night: first time in a long while where I met nobody I knew. And I met new people and had fun!


Stumbled upon a nice video today in an email from Steve Holyer, and wrote down one quote:

“If you standardise work in a service organisation, you prevent the system from being able to absorb variety.”

It resonated as I had a conversation with Dave Snowden earlier, where he mentioned that one of the fundamental dysfunctiosn in software development methodology was to use methods from manufacturing when software was about service and not manufacturing.

Mike Sutton stole my diary format, so I needed to create a new one.

Lots of great feedback on my Culture & Climate Check product idea. Lots of learning to do.


I submitted a lightning talk for Agile2013: Headology demystified—what agile coaches can learn from Discworld witches. Will rename it as folks unfamiliar with Pratchett might not know the concept of headology.

Preparation for Temenos labs is proceeding. We found a venue for the one before Agile2013 and are looking for one for July 19-21 in Germany. Who’s interested in participating?

more to come. stay tuned!.

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