April 05

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I started a diary this week. The intention of this is to have a place to collect smaller, less elaborate thoughts, ideas, things I stumble upon… I want to do this roughly once per day, which is not a commitment:-)


I basically look at the past day (or two, or more) and ask myself, “what has been remarkable?” “What would I like to remember in a few years? I intend to keep this concise and interesting.

Real Options

As I’m currently translating Olav’s and Chris’ book into German (in a pair-endeavour with Mike Leber) I’m stumbling on a lot of interesting information on Real Options. In a recent discussion about the possibility to evaluate/price Real Options, Chris Matts pointed to a three year old comic: Why Real Options can’t be calculated using Black-Scholes or similar mathematical approaches. Entertaining!

Community of Thinkers

Reading the decision-coach blog I hadn’t visited in a while, I stumbled upon an idea that is as relevant today as it was then: The Community of Thinkers. Chris’ take on the idea is here, the community was started by Liz Keogh, Jean Tabaka and Eric Willecke. How do we revive it? Would it help?

A Bit of Headology

I’ve advertised the opinion for a long time that most things you want to know about coaching can be learned from Terry Pratchett, his Discworld witches, especially the Tiffany Aching novels. Here’s a quote I read today, it’s from I Shall Wear Midnight:

“But these weren’t really magic. Anyone could learn them if they had a lick of sense, but sometimes even a lick is hard to find. People are often so busy living that they never stopped to wonder why. Witches did, and that meant them being needed: oh yes, needed – needed practically all the time, but not, in a very polite and definitely unspoken way, not exactly wanted.”


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