April 03

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I’m starting a diary today. I want to keep track of these interesting times, of options emerging, connections being made and developed, of lessons learned.

Art is Expressing What We Feel

In a John Lennon exhibition this week I read a quote about art that I really like:


That reminds me not only of a recent post by Andrea about the need to share what we feel at work, and also of my mission as a change artist to help organisations grow into emotional, delightful spaces. Motivating!

Trust Experiment

Since I started my trust experiment, I’ve had many conversations with many of you. I’ve got encouragement and emotional support, hints and tips and even specific requests for collaboration. Thank you!

I’m still processing some of the messages I’ve got, and I’m glad I took the time and went quiet for a while, to focus. I had the feeling I “had to” do something to get started, and found that I needed to take care of myself, first. Glad I had the option to do just that. Talking about options…

Real Options

Commitment by Chris Matts and Olav Maassen

Commitment, Graphic Novel

There is a post on the agile42 blog about Real Options. It is not addressing the Real Options Mindset I have been using and written about, and seen written and talked about in the community. I hope the new book Commitment by Chris Matts and Olav Maassen will clarify some misunderstandings..

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