20 or 12 Discoveries

2012 was a year of awesome growth and learning for me, some deliberate, some serendipitous. It turned out to be, again, the most intensive and insightful year of my life. I guess that’s a side effect of personal growth and living intensively: more vulnerability, increased presence, more community, more awareness, more (apparent) real options.

Deliberate Discovery

Deliberate Discovery (“Lone Wolf” by HKD)

To increase probabilities of me properly digesting, discerning and sharing this learning I plan to articulate the topics, techniques and practices I discovered in a sequence of blog posts.
I started to draft a list last week and quickly realised I need to ask you for help: I believe I simply do not remember everything that I discovered…

Please Help Me

So I ask you to complete and enrich the list below. Specifically, I’m interested in:

  • A topic (book, community, practice, you name it) that you talked about or worked on with me in 2012 that is not on this list and that you consider important and valuable.
  • If you’d like to work with me on one of the topics (no matter if it’s on my list already or you suggest it) I’m happy to collaborate on a post (or something else…)
  • If you are interested in some of the topics on the list more than in others and want me to write on it sooner, indicate your interest and I’ll focus accordingly.

This is my draft list, I’ll update it as comments come in:


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  1. Corinna
    February 15, 2013

    Mich würden “Core Protocols” sehr interessieren, insbesondere im Live-Einsatz.! (Ich werde ja manchmal schon für Karten und Stickies als ‘gruppendynamisch’ gebrandmarkt, da versuche ich erst gar nicht mit sowas wie Core Protocols anzukommen, obwohl ich das Konzept unglaublich spannend und vielversprechend finde.)


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