ALE Network World Café Rough-Up

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Important: Jurgen copied these results on single pages on the ALEnetwork website. Any not yet corrected details please comment on that side…

Thanks, Jurgen!

On May 10, 2011 at XP2011 in Madrid, we created a vision for the ALE Network. On May 11, we used this vision to seed a world café session to define the actual benefits we expected from the network. These were captured on Flipcharts, I posted pictures to Picasa earlier. The nicest flipchart was this:

Let Jurgen and Olaf do it all!

Let Jurgen and Olaf do it all!

I transcribed all the flipcharts now and put all the data into a list, with patient help by Catia Oliveira. We’ll divide the different topics into pages on the ALEnetwork site later and let you work on expanding the ideas. People commited to those topics to take responsibility, signing with emails and Twitter ids. We tried our best to transcribe those names, but we might have got something wrong… Apologies for that, please correct this in the comments.


We value Values over Manifestos


  1. Knowledge over Money
  2. Open Communities over Alliances
  3. Peer Appreciation over Certification
  4. People over Business

Next Action: Devise Principles:-)

8 votes

Let Jurgen and Olaf do all!

Marc Löffler, JBRainsberger

5 votes


Makes people respond promptly! -Tweet ? -LinkedIn? —> Medium


JBRAinsberger, Johannes Brodwall, Olaf, Andrea Provaglio, ArneAhl, Michael Leber, @eelco1969, Marc Löffler, @mgaewsg, Ralph Miarka, Patrick Verheij

11 votes

Agile Couch (Coach) Surfing

  • Scrum Master
  • Journeymen
  • City Calendar of Events (The Agile Alliance is sponsoring visiting user groups!)
  • Au-pair ScrumMaster
  • Pair Coaching
  • “I’m coming to town, what’s up?”
  • “I’m coming to town, can I help?”
  • “I’m coming to town, wanna meet?”
  • Also for newbies

@hell03610, Johannes Brodwall, Pablo Pernot

10 votes

ALE travel network

  • use your local network
  • give away air miles
  • help organise visits
  • find people who can provide accomodation
  • local knowledge to deal with impediments
  • low cost accomodation
  • travel tips help people from the community travel more easily within Europe

@hell03610, Alex Boly, Patrick Verheij, @jgomesz

13 votes

Coaching Circles

Agreement btw a small # of People to discuss and share Problems.


4 Votes

Agile Game Repository

  • know available games
  • exchange them easily
  • Photo Video
  • Find out how to do this in #ALE

9 votes

Comment (Olaf, Yves): Such a platform already exists: we should not create a competition!

Bring Speaker to User Group

  • Fund for Travel Expense
  • ?? work of Speakers
  • ?? work of local sponsors

Agile Visiting Speakers in User Groups

  • Speakers export exchange
  • User Groups
  • Sponsors

Nick Oostvogels, Alex Boly, Arne Ahl, @hell03610, Patrick Verheij, Marc Löffler, Cesario Ramos

15 votes

European AL Idea Farm

  • Idea Farm (Ville)
  • Free CC license
  • experimental ideas (#half baked)
  • Fishbowl sessions
  • Value proposition towards companies
  • Reduce threshold for sharing
  • Visibility about current projects
  • Including failure reports
  • Share experiences + get questions

Michael Leber, Olaf Lewitz, @ziobrando

5 votes

Agile StackExchange

  • Like
  • eg how to use user stories in fixed price projects
  • with “Agile Games” tag

5 votes

Johannes Brodwall, JBRainsberger, Filipe Correia

Euro Agile Blogger Network

European Idea Farm


  • Methods
  • Materials
  • Experiences
  • Failures, Successes
  • Techniques
  • Knowledge

Agile Stackexchange?

4 votes

Marc Löffler (+Olaf)

Expert Exchange

  • List of People
  • Expertise
  • Contact info
  • etc
  • Coaching/Teaching/Organising/Speaking
  • Help others

@pzol, Andrea Provaglio, @kerolep, @zuzuzka, Patrick Verheij

9 votes

ALE facebook

aka Professional Friends

(large influencer group-lobbying?)

to make agile & lean the mainstream sw-dev method for the economic benefit of Europe – e.g. contracts, education, …

Note by Olaf, Yves: does this already!

ALE book(s)

  • open source Topics:
  • Agile at Scale
  • ScrumBan
  • Lean-Scrum-Integration
  • With Flags on the Cover

Scenario: 20 experts’ stories on a subject + conclusions

“Agile Skill 2011”
“ALE Signature Series”
Goal (in contrast to a Wiki): Edited, Shipped!

Ken Power, Olaf, Marc Löffler, Pablo Pernot, Arne Ahl, @jgutip, Marc Clemens, Andrea Heck, Patrick Verheij, rflores at cein dot es, Michael Leber, @eelco1969, Ralph Miarka, Pasi, Oulu

15 votes

Cross-pollinating with other communities

eg Beyond Budgeting, Lean Manufacturing

6 votes


Experience Exchange

forums for telling stories
and finding people’s stories

Freely available mock companies (to get around NDAs)

find someone who failed at a telco Scrum adoption

Share failure stories

Blog, keywords, author, name

experience exchange, fishbowl discussions

Emily Bache, @mgzewsj, @MLainez

6 votes

Lean Agile Koine’

  • Social Network
  • Community tool
  • ALE gathering (at least one person from each country) “maybe open conference”
  • Share Knowledge on Lean/Agile
  • Regional/International
  • Research Contribution
  • Network for cross-pollinating new ideas

4 votes

Catia Oliveira, Fabio Armani

Collecting Field Experiences

  • Webinar
  • Contact info available
  • Agile “dinner”-event at the same time in different countries
  • & keep in touch on Twitter

Cesario, Pablo Pernot

2 votes

Online Information Sharing

  • Pan-Euro User Group Calendar
  • Agile-Lean-Europe Community Wiki (access permanent information)
  • No local websites
  • Easily Accessible X-border meetups (–> facilitate in-person meeting)
  • Online Directory of Coaches (eg TDD)

2 votes

Training Apprentices

  • Almost free training (for the apprentice)
  • Co-teaching & Apprenticeships
  • Improve training & coaching techniques
  • Exchange training-techniques
  • Open Apprenticeship at the customer
  • Multiple Brands
  • Business Model
  • offer to let network contacts join you when you train- they learn to give your class and can go on to give it without you

@hell03610, JBRainsberger, Alex Boly, Emily Bache, Andrea Provaglio, @eelco1969, Michael Leber

13 votes

ALE train

  • ALE train and beers
  • sponsor?
  • Online Identity Blog
  • XP2012 and ALE??
  • AL/XP ALE Probing
  • Circle Route Train

Jacopo Romei, Fabio Armani

14 votes

ALE fractal neuronal model

connection/synapsis national/regional/local Local ALE meetups bring people together locally feed into broader ALE community Local ALE meetups with guest speakers (well-known) joining remotely (eg Skype) Feedback to local community what happened at conference Get conference speakers to give their talk again via Skype to local ALE group

See people you not normally see via Skype ?? been done

Fabio, Filipe, Ken Power, rflores at cein dot es

11 votes


-each session: failure and what can we learn?
-experienceing failure workshops
– presenting a problem
– doctor’s appointment

Nick Oostvogels, @jorgeuriarte

9 votes

ALE cooking

prepare something together and consume it too (no votes)

Agile @Universities

  • Bring Agile Awareness in Universities to the same level across Europe
  • Agile Uni meetups
  • Visualise state of Agile in countries and companies
  • Coordinated Cross-Europe Event where speakers go into universities to talk about Agile/Lean
  • “Agile University Day”
  • European Agile Masters Degree (-1 note?)
  • University Students mentoring for Student Projects
  • University Students Agile talks on Campus
  • Establish a group exports to develop European Agile Masters Programme including industry and academy (-1 ?)

@mlainez, xavi.albaladejo at gmail dot com, @mgaewsj, Ralph Miarka, Ken Power, @eelco1969, Nils Wloka, Nick Oostvogels, Filipe, Michael Leber, @holzig, @jorgeuriarte, Fabio Armani, Pasi, Oulu

14 votes

Agile Campus Project

  • campus tour
  • spread success stories of agile courses
  • spread the word in universities
  • list what is being done where by whom
  • help with agile approaches university projects
  • list European University courses with Agile in the curricula (with contact person) Spread the word about agile sw dev at universities in Europe Nils @kovolep @pzol @jgutip 10 votes

Agile Research

  • Bring together academics and industry partners
  • also to apply for EU research funding on Agile and Lean topics

rflores at cein dot es, Ken Power, Pasi

4 votes

Think Tank

  • for companies to access and learn
  • like a guild
  • how to scale
  • finding experts
  • appreciate peers
  • open companies to share
  • allow to share failure experiences
  • connected to research!
  • inspiring Students at Universities

13 votes

fabio armani, @eelco1969, e dot rustenburg at gmail, michael leber, arne ahl, nils flores

Double ALE Loop

  • IP programme for FP7 on lean agile applying double loop learning ??
  • Research group cooperation
  • Lobbying Knowledge Sharing/Web Semantic
  • Thesaurus
  • Pull system for talk
  • Talk proposal, position papers

Pasi Fabio

6 votes



  1. Jorge Uriarte
    May 14, 2011

    Great wrapping up, thanks Olaf and Catia. Just wanted to correct two instances of my twitter nickname. Both JorgeUrarte and Jorgeonarte are really @jorgeuriarte


  2. Olaf
    May 15, 2011

    Thanks, just corrected it:-)
    Not all names were clearly readably on my pictures…
    take care

  3. Eelco Rustenburg
    May 16, 2011


    Thanks for this, must have been late night work, instead of having beer. You should get an ipad, it might help you 🙂

    Please correct my twittername:
    eelcobgig = eelco1969
    eelcobg = eelco1969 (actually, imay have forgotten the 19 there myself, :-))

    I am committing to working on ALE book, think tank, agile at universities..

    And there is a funny scripting thing you did: e dot rustenburg at gmail =

  4. Olaf
    May 16, 2011

    @Eelco: Done:-)

  5. Xavier Albaladejo
    May 16, 2011

    Hi Olaf !

    Could you please change xavi.albaldejo at gmail dot com for xavi.albaladejo at gmail dot com

    Thanks for this great job!


  6. Hillary Pace
    May 23, 2011

    hi there.. good blog, fascinating posts, nice layout, good content management. i appreciate this blog ALE Network World Café Rough-Up OlafLewitz. what plug ins do you use on your blog. do you use wordpress or some thing else. i would like to know. i’ve a blog which does not look good at all and its a pain to work with it. are you currently on facebook or twitter? i would like to get to know you as well as learn from you. Please reply.

    • Olaf
      May 23, 2011

      It’s wordpress. What type of plugin are you interested in? Can’t list them all…
      You find me on Twitter as @OlafLewitz.

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