Berlinale Generation: Une Vie de Chat

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“Remember the serial jewellery burglaries? I just got the lab reports back… cat paw prints were found everey time.” “Cat paws?” “It’s your case, okay?” “Am I supposed to arrest a cat?”

This movie is about a cat—not that much of a surprise considering the title “A Cat’s life” (again, title translations are funny here: the German reads “Die Katze von Paris”, “The Cat from Paris”). That cat leads a double life: by day it lives with a little girl; at night it joins a burglar when he’s on the prowl…

Today, as my second film of this year’s Berlinale Generation, I watched “Une Vie de Chat”, a European (F-B-NL-CH) production by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli.

La Vie de Chat - movie poster

Although the film is quite suitable for children aged 10, it’s witty and suspenseful, has wonderful music, views of Paris and interesting characters… I liked it. Won’t tell you much about the story, but things get interesting as it turns out that the girl’s mother is working for the police. And that the burglar is not the real villain in the story…

The film is out in the cinemas already, I hope it will come to Germany as well… Here in Berlin, at the festival, it will be shown three more times. Use that chance.

Until then, watch the trailer….

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