Bibbedi-Bibbedi-Bob Game

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One of the funniest games I know. Learned it from Mike Sutton at the AgileCoachCamp Germany 2010, played it again with him and others at XP2010 in Trondheim and at AgileCoachCamp Norway 2011.

So it goes:

One stands in the middle of a circle, the others quite close to one another around him. The player in the middle must try to mislead the others to make errors to get back into the circle. Whoever makes a mistake, goes in. Whoever is last in a figure, goes in—unless the player in the middle takes longer to count to ten then they need to build the figure. You introduce the commands one by one—get it going quickly and make very short instructions in between.


  • Bibbedi-bibbedi-bob: the player stands in front of another and says Bibbedi-bibbedi-bob very fast. The outer must say Bob before the inner does.
  • Bob: The player just says Bob. The outer player must not say anything in this case.
    (each of the following commands address one player in the circle who’s assisted by his two direct neighbours. After the command, the player counts to 10 very fast)
  • Elephant 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10: The addressed uses hands and arms to form the elephant’s trunk, the players next to him build his ears with their arms.
  • James Bond 1..10: The addressed takes a James-Bond-posture, her neighbours are the Bond girls.
  • Toaster 1..10: The neighbours of the addressed link their arms around him, he must jump up and down as the toast.
  • Mixer 1..10: The addressed builds the mixer’s body with his hands above his neighbours’ heads, who have to start spinning like the beaters.
  • vomiting Cangoroo: The addressed player uses his arm to build a circle/pouch. The neighbours noisily vomit into that
  • Superman: The addressed takes a Superman-flies-posture, the players next to her give her adoring glances and say “Superman”…

Of course, you can easily invent your own figures if you feel like it:-) This is a translation and expansion of a German description of the game which I found online and has meanwhile been removed…

Have fun!.

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