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The pile of books waiting to be read and the pile waiting to be finished are both growing. This is a try to keep track and will be a work in progress.

I’ll never manage to complete this list, but it’ll be comprehensive and might be of interest to you.


The most recent book I started to read was Eoin Colfer‘s newest, his contribution to my beloved Hitchhiker’s series by Douglas Adams: And Another Thing. So far, I love it. It feels as if Douglas was back. I’ll say no more until I’ve finished it, which will take time as I’m reading it in short pieces at a time to prolong that good feeling. I had almost forgotten how much I missed that man! Funny enough, this is a Douglassy year (courtesy for that term to Mr Stephen Fry, who is, quite coincidentally, the reason for this…), because this year saw the “new series” of Last Chance to See.


I’ll start with the most recent addition to this category as well: Agile Coaching by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley. One of the better books on agile, as it does not recite what you get everywhere else, but shares loads of hands-on, practical experience and gives good advice on many topics. Recommendation!

Update: finished, and reviewed..

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