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This is a work in progress. I’ll update this list as often as I can and as I find new sites;-)

Lean software development overview

The Poppendiecks give a good overview of Lean Software Development on their website.

Agile in General

NEW: Great insights and argumentations can be found in the article Agile Techniques, Agile Hype and the Essence of Agile [in IT and Business].

Martin Fowler’s new methodology is still well worth reading.

Don’t Repeat Yourself on the original C2 wiki by Ward Cunningham.

A good resource for loads of articles, talks etc. is InfoQ. For instance, Mike Cohn’s gread talk about prioritizing is there.

Mike’s own site hosts a wealth of information as well.

You usually find good insights on George Dinwiddie’s blog.

How to combine agile development with fixed price, fixed date contracts is described here.


The best introduction to Scrum imho you find on Henrik Kniberg’s blog. You’ll find the best slides there, and stuff about kanban, pomodoro et al…

Henrik also wrote and published Scrum and XP from the trenches on InfoQ, an invaluable insight into the actual procedures a successful Scrum/XP team developed. Now available in 8 Languages.

And you shouldn’t miss the Original, of course.

eXtreme Programming

Extreme Programming explores has a good page about INVESTing in stories and SMART tasks.


NEW: Mark Stringer gives you a 10-step understanding of human communication: Why is it always so complicated? 10 steps to understanding.

The roots of agile project management

A brief History of agile project management.

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